The Choirs of Friedemann Stihler

Emmaus Chor / Mannheim
Conductor for more than 40 years

Nominally, the choir exists since 1947, hit a low point in activity in the 1970’s and Friedemann brought live back into the program
through consistent rehearsals, followed by more than 40 years of successful work averiging 20 four-part singers. Baroque cantatas and motets as well as Mendelssohn’s oratorios “St. Paul” and “Elijah” are all part of this time. While this happened, Friedemann always kept his affection for gospel- and pop music and the “Neue Geistliche Lied” also found its place in his repertoire regularly.
In 1997, he arranged Mendelssohn’s “Magnificat” – motet to a, for the time, revolutionary event, allowing for the motet to be
sung as well as danced at the same time. The choir overcame all obstacles to realize this spectacular performance. An event that caused long-lasting impressions and joyful memories. Logically, the choir put a lot of effort and work into organizing a “Rockin’ Organ” concert once a year to support the charity project. In various travels outside of Germany throughout the years, singing as well as conviviality never came short. Vienna, Prague, Verona, Nice are only some of the places that were visited, always in combination with participating in international festivals. Partaking in choir festivals in the south of Germany as well as ecumenical convention in Munich allowed the choir to always come back with new impressions and ideas.
The early friendship with the ensemble ‘Joyful Voices’ led to many opportunities for musical cooperation throughout the years including today. One other special event is to be mentioned at this point: In the framework of the 40-year jubilee concert in November 2016 in Mannheim Palace Church, Friedemann was handed the honorary award of the Baden state church musicians association by state cantor for Baden Prof. Johannes Michel.

Joyful Voices / Mannheim
Conductor for more than 20 years

The choir was officially founded in 1998 by Friedemann Stihler and the friends’ and booster club at the time. By then, the choir
had already existed a few years led by Friedemann Stihler and various CD productions both live and in studio as well as international concert tours are proof for intense times that are coming to an end in the summer of 2017 after more than 20 active years. Participation in national and international competitions always tempted the conductor as well as his singers, so that a number of awards, honors and diplomas highlight a hugely successful time. Finally, in 2014, the choir along with its conductor
was honored with the Baden church music prize by the Baden state church. An award that recognizes the achievements of the
ensemble and its leader to showcase the church music in Baden. Over many years and in a number of events, such as church conventions, catholic conventions, world youth convention, gospel festivals and more, the choir was able to represent the state church of Baden with astounding quality. In addition, the choir travelled to the United States of America and Canada twice for a concert tour. The first tour included the participation at the Charleston choir festival, which also had renowned professor
of music André Thomas as a guest. After a one-hour workshop with the German choir he stated: “When I first heard that a German choir with the name ‘Joyful Voices’ is coming to the US, I was at least baffled. After working with the choir, I know that they rightfully carry that name!”
In 2015, the second tour took them to Ebenezer-First-Baptist- Church in Atlanta, the church of Martin Luther King Jr., and led
to a moving encounter with Christine King, the sister of the legendary civil rights activist. “A memory that will always bring back goosebumps,” says Friedemann looking back.

Chor Cara Mia / Laudenbach
Conductor for more than 5 years

A firework of wonderful melodies in May of 2017 became Friedemann’s outstanding grand finale of the occupation as choir
conductor for the singer’s club 1870 Laudenbach. Prior to that he experienced five wonderful years with plenty of beautiful musical moments including concert tours to Wales or the choir festival in Amsterdam. A number of internal occasions offer
anecdotes and memories of a fulfilling time together. Constant exchange with the other two choirs existed and so the women’s
choir regularly took part in the summer concerts of Emmaus choir in Mannheim. Of course, ‘Rockin’ Organ’ enjoyed the support
of the women’s choir by appearing in one of the concerts per year to support the charity project.
During a “Musical” concert in April 2017, Friedemann was awarded the badge of honor in silver by the Baden choir association as well as Certificate of commendation by the German choir association

Friedmann Stihler

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